Active Sitting

Strengthen your body.

Doctors agree that we need to strengthen, not “support” our bodies. We should sit up naturally, using our own muscles instead of leaning passively against a seat back.

On ErgoErgo, your body feels a new ease and freedom. The core muscles are engaged, the spine achieves its natural curve, the pelvis gently moves, and the legs stretch.

Awaken your mind.

Mind and body are intimately connected. In fact, we process movement and learning with the same part of the brain. Movement sends oxygen to the brain, resulting in a greater ability to concentrate and learn. Constant micro-movements keep the body — and the mind — alert, aware, awake.

Use ErgoErgo everywhere


Studies show that from kindergarten to college, active sitting enhances learning and behavior. Students of all ages, including special-needs students, can benefit from active sitting on ErgoErgo.

Students learn better when they can sit actively. Moving and stretching address key aspects of UDL (Universal Design for Learning), including enhancing self-regulation through stress reduction, decreasing hyperactivity, and increasing focus. Teachers and school OTs report that students sitting on ErgoErgo often show significant improvement in posture, concentration, participation and behavior. Kids love ErgoErgo’s bright colors and friendly shape. And sitting on ErgoErgo is just plain fun!


Healthy sitting in the workplace can increase concentration and productivity. And improve employee health and well-being by reducing back pain. Use ErgoErgo at your desk, for meetings, brainstorming, and breakout areas.


In physical rehabiitation, active sitting can soothe back pain by allowing the pelvis to tilt, relieving stress on the lumbar region.

Pregnant and postpartum women also need seating that relieves the back.


ErgoErgo lets you “sit fit” even at the office. Get a whole workout without going to the gym. Or use it at the gym. Stretch, twist, lift your calves, wiggle your ankles. Perfect for athletes, dancers, yoginis …and everyone else.