Our Story



We are passionate about our mission: improving lives through healthy sitting.

How it all began

One day, the inventor saw his wife sitting on an exercise ball. Active sitting, she said, relieved her backache. But exercise balls tend to deflate, explode, and roll away, and are also unhygienic, space-consuming, and just plain ugly. So the inventor decided to find a better way.

The design process

Drawing a stick figure on a circle, he saw that only the center was necessary as a sitting surface. He sliced off one-third of the circle on either side to create a tube, which he rendered flexible by making it like a giant bellows. This would allow the body to make small constant movements on a flexible but stable base.

Unique functionality

There followed three years of experimenting with molding various techno-polymers. At last the accordion-pleated stool was awarded U.S. utility and design patents for its unique functionality. And thus ErgoErgo was born.

ErgoErgo™ holds the following patents

US Utility Patent 8,007,417
US Design Patent D628,662
European Community registered design 001207666-0001

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