ExtraErgo offers all the benefits of ErgoErgo. Your body is free to move, your core is engaged. With its larger seat, Extra Ergo provides more comfort for taller, larger people, and more stability for every body.

And if you’re taking a break with some core exercises, it will give you a greater range of movement.

ErgoErgo compresses slightly when you sit on it to the height of a standard chair, which makes it perfect for a standard desk height. Because you can adjust it by tilting the seat or scooting backwards or forwards, the standard size is suitable for people from 5′ – 6’4″ tall.


Red (7000-33)

White (7000-01)

Black (7000-06)


Height: 20.5″
Diameter: 19.5″
Weight: 10 lbs


Made of recyclable technopolymer.
1 carton per color
Manufactured in the USA.