Everyone loves ErgoErgo

“I LOVE IT and I’m confident others will too!”

– Mary Bond, author of The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World and Balancing Your Body

“The ErgoErgo awakens the pelvis by encouraging movement while sitting–such a benefit to the whole body. I will use it (likely at my office) and happily share it with my clients too.”

– Tami Kent, author of Wild Feminine, Mothering from Your Center, and Wild Creative

“Keeps me alert! I feel much more secure than when sitting on an exercise ball too.”

“Perfect for those who suffer back pain; helps with core muscle strength too.”

“It’s such a wonderfully appealing, revolutionary functional product.”

“I am a huge fan of your Ergo Ergo chair and have absolutely loved using it over the past few months! The chair has had a significant positive impact on not only my posture but my energy levels at work.”

“Since I’ve used the Ergo I haven’t had any back issues at all and everyone keeps asking me where I got it! That price is AMAZING.”

“I’m currently seated on the ErgoErgo and loving every minute of it.”

“Thanks so much for saving my back and burning my calories for me! Everyone is jealous!”

“The Ergo was a HUGE hit – people absolutely loved it.”

“Perfect for those needing whole-body stimulation, balance and posture development, and improved core stability.”


“ErgoErgo is the most effective dynamic seating I’ve used with my students. All students would benefit from it.”

“Students were able to sit for longer periods of time and fidgeted less.”

“Helps them stay focused, calm, and attentive.”

“I couldn’t believe the transformation! Now he’s upright, feet on the floor, and unwiggly. And he loves it!”

“Fidgety student sat properly, with good posture.”

“Excellent classroom tool for students who struggle with focus.”

“Students more calm and still.”

“Great for ASD students!”

“Promoted a more functional sitting position for tabletop fine motor/visual motor activities.”

“Imperative for classrooms!”

“Better than the ball seat.”

“Great for core strength, balance, and attention.”

“Innovative and fun!”

I asked my student, “Why do you use this?” He announced joyfully, “It helps me do my work!”

“I am happy to say that while seated in the Ergo chair we notice a significant improvement in her seated posture. We observed a decrease in the need to prompt the student to sit up, as she is now able to gently rock and bounce to facilitate her trunk/postural muscles. While she continues to require occasional cuing to sit up (to the best of her ability), I have observed less incidences of her flexing her neck forward and looking directly downward. She is now able to tolerate using the Ergo chair as her classroom seating throughout the school day. We are all very pleased with the response that we have seen.”