Winner of The Academics Choice Mindspring, The Good Design, The Edison and Parents’ Picks Awards. 2018 PUPN Dean’s List Award. 2019 National Parenting Product Award

The world needs a new way of sitting.

ErgoErgo is a extraordinary seating concept combining the benefits of active sitting with a bold contemporary design.

ErgoErgo encourages us to sit as nature intended. And itʼs recyclable. With its durable quality and timeless design, you can sit joyfully for years to come.

ErgoErgo is perfect for offices, schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, dorms and your own home. It’s fun public seating and compact enough for the smallest space.

It’s ergonomic, ergo it’s good for your body. It’s ErgoErgo.

Strengthen your body, awaken your mind.

Our bodies were made to move!

Active sitting wakes up your body. Relax and enjoy the freedom from traditional static sitting. Engage your core muscles, keep your spine supple, improve your circulation, and ease your breathing.

After sitting on ErgoErgo, ordinary chairs seem…well, just ordinary.

Kids love ErgoErgo!

“ErgoErgo is the most effective dynamic seating I’ve used with my students. All students would benefit from it.”

Kids learn better when they move. They play, touch, build, skip, wiggle and giggle.

More and more teachers are discovering that sitting on ErgoErgo not only makes students sit better, it also makes them more focused and attentive.

In a Maryland survey, 84% of educators and occupations therapists reported that  sitting on ErgoErgo improved student behavior and that their students would benefit from using ErgoErgo daily.