ErgoErgo is innovative seating combining the benefits of active sitting with a bold contemporary design. Bring joy and energy to every environment – with ErgoErgo!

Live boldly with ErgoErgo


The versatile ErgoErgo makes for fun public seating and is compact enough for the smallest space.

Use ErgoErgo in offices, libraries, hotels, fitness studios, music rehearsal rooms, reception areas, waiting rooms, health clinics — and everywhere at home.

Get the conversation going

Break the rules

Show off your cool eclectic style by mixing traditional with the uber-cool ErgoErgo. Use it as an accent piece in the living room. Wow your designer friends with a piece where form really does follow function. Keep it at mission control in the kitchen. Tuck it neatly under your home office desk. Sit free and easy while playing your favorite video game, practicing piano, or working at your sewing machine. Sway in the breeze on your deck or by the pool; ErgoErgo is UV-protected and won’t fade.

Good looking – and good for you! After sitting on ErgoErgo, ordinary chairs seem…well, just ordinary. It’s ergonomic, ergo it’s good for your body. It’s ErgoErgo!

“Favorite seat in the house”

What they’re saying…

  • “I love this stool. I use it as my sewing stool. Much easier and comfortable than a chair!”
  • “I like using this stool. I bought it to use at my computer, but I have hauled it all over the house to use with various jobs. I have even used it outside for work when I was tired of bending over. It is lightweight and my grandkids like it a lot too.”
  • “Favorite seat in the house. I love it. I want another one already.”
  • “I love this ErgoErgo; so much that I ordered another for a gift! Great color selection, and super comfortable. One gets a core workout to boot!”
  • “This is a great chair that is much more stylish and more comfortable than the yoga balls.”
  • “I love it! Very small footprint, comfortable, sturdy, light weight.”
  • “I like this stool. I am 5’2″ and my feet hit the floor which is a pleasant change for me, yet my husband is 5’11” and it’s comfortable for him too.”
  • “I occasionally work from home at my dining room table. Love my dining room chairs, and, after two hours, they are very hard! Bought an ErgoErgo and am using this very instant – fun, effective and purposeful.”
  • “My daughters use the chairs at their desks. They are better for them than regular desk chairs in which they always seem to try to sit hanging off the sides, or cross their legs in order to try to sit comfortably. Before getting the Ergo chair they would rarely use their desk. In the Ergo chair they sit with their legs in front of them more easily and have better posture.”