Where can I buy ErgoErgo?
You can buy ErgoErgo at the fine retailers and dealers listed here.

Where can I try ErgoErgo in my area before I buy?
We currently mainly sell online. However, we are adding new retailers all the time, so please check our Retailers page regularly.

Are there any discounts available?
We’re pleased to offer discounts for educational institutions. Please contact us at sales@ergoergo.com.

Do you ship overseas?
If you are a dealer or distributor interested in ErgoErgo, please contact us at
sales@ergoergo.com. If you’re an individual consumer, please note that although we
don’t ship single orders overseas, we may be selling in your country soon, so please
keep an eye on our Retailers page. Note that we do have retailers in Canada and Australia.

How should I sit on ErgoErgo?
Just keep your two feet flat on the ground! Then you can move, sway, or stretch as much as you like.

What is the size (especially, height) of each model?
ErgoErgo and ExtraErgo are 20.5” / 52 cm. high.
KidsErgo is 15”/46 cm. high.

Can I adjust the height of my ErgoErgo?
Yes. Thanks to the green self-sealing plug in the bottom, you can add or subtract air to change the height by an inch or so. Rub a bit of oil (vegetable oil, olive oil), vaseline, or silicone on the plug first. Then insert the fine insertion needle of a ball or bike pump to top up or take out a little air.

What is the recommended age/ height for KidsErgo and when is it time to move to the ErgoErgo?
KidsErgo is suitable for children from approximately 4 – 9 years. When a child’s feet can comfortably touch the ground when sitting on a standard table-height chair, he or she can graduate to the standard-size ErgoErgo.

Is ErgoErgo stackable?
While not specifically designed to be stackable, you can easily stack 2 or 3 ErgoErgos against a wall to store them.

How much does each model weigh?
KidsErgo weighs 4.7 lbs or 2 kgs
ErgoErgo weighs 7.7 lbs or 3.49 kilos
ExtraErgo weighs 10.6 lbs or 4.81 kg

What is the maximum load / weight limit of each model?
KidsErgo can carry at 170 lbs. or 77 kilos
ErgoErgo can carry 225 lbs. or 102 kilos
ExtraErgo can carry 250 lbs. or 113 kilos

Are there any restrictions to using ErgoErgo?
You should be able to keep both feet flat on the floor to keep yourself anchored while sitting actively. If you have serious balance issues, please check with your doctor as to whether ErgoErgo is right for you.

Are ErgoErgos recyclable?
Yes, ErgoErgo can be recycled.

Where is ErgoErgo manufactured?
ErgoErgo is proudly made in the USA.

Do you sell matching cushions?
No, not yet.

How should I clean ErgoErgo?
You can gently wipe it clean with a soft cloth, using soap and water.

How should I maintain ErgoErgo?
ErgoErgo is very robust. Keep it away from extreme heat or cold. Extreme dryness can also dry out the rubber plug. In order to keep it airtight, don’t remove the plug unnecessarily. If needed, you can occasionally pump in extra air.

I live at high altitude and my ErgoErgo is overinflated. What should I do?
Simply take out a little air. Rub a bit of oil (vegetable or olive oil) or vaseline on the plug and release air as needed with a ball or bike pump.

Can I use my ErgoErgo outdoors?
Yes, ErgoErgo is UVA-protected and will not fade in the sun. However, it is lightweight, so if you want to keep it outdoors, you can take out the plug, fill it halfway with sand, and replace the plug to keep it from blowing away.

What height desks can I use with ErgoErgo?
The standard ErgoErgo and ExtraErgo are designed for standard desk heights of 29″ or 73 cm. KidsErgo works with children’s desks.

Do ErgoErgos have a chemical odor?
No, there is no chemical odor.

Does the plastic contain any hazardous chemicals?
No, ErgoErgo meets the most demanding environmental measures and is in conformity with the stringent CAL65 standards.

How is ErgoErgo shipped and what are the shipping dimensions of each model?
ErgoErgo is shipped fully inflated, one item per carton. The carton dimensions are:
KidsErgo 18hx 15w x 15d
ErgoErgo 22h x 17w x 17d
ExtraErgo 22h x 21w x 21d

What is the warranty policy?
With our 2-year warranty, we replace ErgoErgos which have manufacturing defects. Please contact sales@ergoergo.com.

What would I need for a warranty claim?
Please provide proof of purchase such as a receipt and close-up photos of the top and bottom of the ErgoErgo with production batch numbers.

Please check with your retailer as to their return policy. If a product is defective, please contact us at sales@ergoergo.com and we will help resolve the problem.

Helpful Hints

As an inflatable product, ErgoErgo may sometimes need a little more air. If your ErgoErgo seems under-inflated, try the following:

Add more air

You can easily add more air by inserting the needle of a ball pump or bike pump into the green plug on the bottom. The plug is “self-healing” and will close up again.

Check the plug

Make sure the plug is sitting firmly in the hole. If not, pull out the plug and rub it with a bit of oil (vegetable or olive), silicone, or vaseline before re-inserting. If your plug seems loose or dry, it probably needs replacing. We can send you a new one for a minimal fee. Please contact sales@ergoergo.com.

Check the seam of the seat

Quality means the world to us! If you have a problem, please send close-up photos of the top and bottom of your ErgoErgo to sales@ergoergo.com and we’ll happily replace your ErgoErgo if it’s within the 2-year warranty.

Please contact us at sales@ergoergo.com if you have any questions.