ergoErgo the workplace

ErgoErgo is ideal for today’s knowledge workers — for collaboration, clustering, and creativity. Whether you work in a large or small office, a corporation or your home office, ErgoErgo offers the best innovative and comfortable flex seating.

Concentration & creativity

Corporate Wellness

Use ErgoErgo at your desk, for meetings, brainstorming, and breakout areas.

In offices, factories and classrooms throughout the world, people are aching from sitting incorrectly. Long hours spent slumping, slouching, and hunched over computers and smartphones has created a worldwide epidemic of aching backs, sore shoulders, and stiff necks.

What’s the answer? Active sitting!

Healthy sitting in the workplace can increase concentration and productivity. ErgoErgo can help improve employee health and well-being and is ideal for corporate wellness programs.

Why ErgoErgo?

The benefits

Experience the many benefits of Ergoergo in the workplace:

Improve workplace wellness
Increase focus & concentration
Enhance energy & creativity
Reduce back problems
Encourage teamwork

Sitting all day at your computer? Take a cue from New York techies. Try ExtraErgo!

``While sitting is natural, maintaining one seated position for a long time (like the traditional office task position) is not natural.``Dr. Tim Springer, work behavior and environment expert, HERO Inc.

“Keeps me alert!”

What they’re saying…

What they’re saying about ErgoErgo in the office…

  • “ErgoErgo is head and shoulders above the rest.”
  • “Keeps me alert! I feel much more secure than when sitting on an exercise ball too.”
  • “Perfect for those who suffer back pain; helps with core muscle strength too.”
  • “It’s such a wonderfully appealing, revolutionary functional product.”
  • “I am a huge fan of your Ergo Ergo chair and have absolutely loved using it over the past few months! The chair has had a significant positive impact on not only my posture but my energy levels at work.”
  • “Since I’ve used the Ergo I haven’t had any back issues at all and everyone keeps asking me where I got it! That price is AMAZING.”
  • “I’m currently seated on the ErgoErgo and loving every minute of it.”
  • “Thanks so much for saving my back and burning my calories for me! Everyone is jealous!”
  • “The Ergo was a HUGE hit – people absolutely loved it.”
  • “Perfect for those needing whole-body stimulation, balance and posture development, and improved core stability.”

Sit right, with active sitting

Sit right

Traditional chairs encourage poor sitting. Traditional rigid chairs which “support” the body in fact only promote slouching and make our muscles passive and weak. Most chairs lock the body into a rigid position, hindering circulation, promoting slumping.

And so the muscles designed to help us — the core and back muscles — slacken from disuse. Secondary muscles carry out tasks for which they are not intended. Your body goes out of alignment and you feel pain, numbness, a stiff neck, shoulder pain, backaches, or sciatica…the list of ills is long.

Even many so-called ergonomic office chairs only aggravate the pain. To start with, most people don’t bother fiddling with levers and buttons to adjust height and tilt. As for lumbar support, as soon as you begin to work at your desk, you tend to lean forward and not use it. In fact, we don’t need lumbar support.

Think of the broad-based pelvis as a ship, the spine as the mast, the muscles as the braces — and the whole as a beautiful ship designed to sail us through life. Too bad so many people think they have to live with “a bad back.”

Often they just need to sit right, with active sitting on ErgoErgo.