ExtraErgo offers all the benefits of ErgoErgo. Your body is free to move, your core is engaged. With its larger seat, Extra Ergo provides more comfort for taller, larger people, and more stability for every body.

ErgoErgo compresses slightly when you sit on it to the height of a standard chair, which makes it perfect for a standard desk height. Suitable for people 5’ to 6’4”/152 to 193 cm tall. Weight load up to 250 pounds/114 kgs.



Dimensions & Weight

Includes 1 per carton
Product Dimensions Height: 20.5 in
Diameter: 19.5 in
Weight: 10.6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions Height: 22 in
Width: 21 in
Depth: 21 in
Weight: 13 lbs
Maximum weight load 250 lbs
Recommended ages Standard desk height for 9 years and up
Includes 1 per carton
Product Dimensions Height: 52.07 cm
Diameter: 49.53 cm
Weight: 4.81 kg
Shipping Dimensions Height: 55.88 cm
Width: 53.34 cm
Depth: 53.34 cm
Weight: 5.9 kg
Maximum weight load 113.4kg
Recommended ages Standard desk height for 9 years and up
Flexible Active Seating
Active sitting on ExtraErgo allows your body vitality and ease. With two feet flat on the ground, you can move gently through a wide range of positions. Engage your core, relieve your lower back, and enjoy greater abdominal spaciousness with deeper breathing.
Improves Focus and Concentration
ExtraErgo is a great option as an office desk chair, flexible classroom furniture, a gaming chair, and innovative seating for everyone from office workers to pregnant moms to seniors, artists, and computer engineers. Micro-movements send more vital blood and oxygen to the brain, keeping the mind alert, aware and awake.
Ideal for Any Space
ExtraErgo is perfect for offices, schools, libraries, dorms, hotels, fitness centers, healthcare facilities, and as your own home ergonomic computer chair. The self-cushioning effect when you sit gives it the height of a standard chair. ExtraErgo makes for fun public seating and is compact enough for the smallest space.
Patented & Safety Tested
ExtraErgo has passed the rigorous tests for weight-load and robustness established by the BIFMA, the Business and Institutional Manufacturers of America. ExtraErgo patents include: US Utility Patent 8,007,417, US Design Patent D628,662 and European Community registered design 001207666-0001.
Built to Last
The ExtraErgo wobble seat is proudly made in the USA of recyclable technopolymer. The flat base allows for stability and a weight capacity of up to 225 pounds. ExtraErgo is perfect for anyone between 5’ to 6’4`` in height. This ergonomic stool comes with a two-year warranty.


ExtraErgo meets the rigorous standards for stability, durability and load-bearing established by BIFMA, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. ExtraErgo also confirms with California Proposition 65.

Made of recyclable technopolymer
Made in the USA


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